Graham Road Surgery Community Champion Award Winner

Richard Nightingale, Sponsor and Founder of Community Champions said:

“I have been a patient of Graham Road Surgery for more years than I care to mention and I have been proud to represent patients on several occasions. I think it is fair to say that its history has been slightly bumpy and its location has never been helpful for patients or ambulance accessibility; however, since the Pier Health Group, with its experienced and excellent doctors and nurses have taken over the management, marked progress has been made. Most importantly this marked change has also been patient led, and this award also goes to them”.

Graham Road Surgery Winners, collecting their Community Champions Award from Richard Nightingale

Richard Nightingale continued, “Pier Health has spearheaded recruitment of new GPs and nurses and now even has its own mental health team. It is also leading on the construction of a new £5 million medical facility for the town centre. It has accomplished much in the last 18 months, and is well aware there is much more to do. My congratulations to all the hard working and committed people involved at Graham Road for winning a Community Champions Award.”

Proposed new Health Centre