It’s been an Amazing Year for Flights, Flight Training, Flying Lessons and Air Experiences at Bristol Flying, Bristol Airport

We all feared the worst, Brexit, Covid, would aviation enthusiasts be eager to fly again, maybe they had other priorities, would our customers be patient after the Covid backlog?? Bristol Flying has always had a dedicated and loyal fan base and membership. The best equipped aircraft and lowest rates at Bristol Airport keep them coming back.


I only managed to include pictures of some of our happy customers, there were simply too many to publish. This year they have had to run the gauntlet of Bristol and Wessex £100 parking fine campaign and other challenges presented by our commercial neighbours, but our members are not scared to rise to the challenge and make us the family I am very proud of.

Without them ‘not for profit’ flight training would not exist at Bristol Airport. They voted with their feet and joined in large numbers to support us sending a clear message that General Aviation is about safety, being part of a family, mutual support, working together, a community committed to Bristol Airport, and should never be about division and exclusion!

Thank you to everyone’s efforts, our friends who flew with us, those in our family who volunteered, Bristol Airport’s staff, services and it’s CEO Graeme Gamble.

See you all soon,

Richard Nightingale